About me


I’m Renata, the portrait mama

And I’m thrilled that you found me here in my San Diego home. Originally from Brazil, I have been in the United States for a long time now and am happily raising my family here. 

Photography has always been a love of mine, but it wasn’t my career initially. I am actually a scientist by training! 

I grew up knowing that I wanted to work as a doctor or in some other medical career. I went to school to become a pharmacist, but something happened as I prepared to graduate from pharmacy school.

The graduation invitation was a booklet, and the first page was full of photos of the graduates as toddlers. Each of us was supposed to submit an adorable picture of ourselves at that age.

I started to search through my parents’ photo boxes and albums for the perfect picture and came face-to-face with an enormous disappointment.

There were almost ZERO pictures of me that weren’t blurry, fuzzy, and unrecognizable. 

It turns out that, although my dad loved gadgets and getting new cameras, he was not the best photographer! I was so frustrated that there were no good photos anywhere to show what a wonderful childhood I’d had.

I made a promise to my future self and my future children. I promised that I would document their lives in detail, so they could look back at their childhood and show it off to their own children. It was the first time I felt strongly about keeping memories alive through images. That was also the first spark that motivated me to learn and take on photography as a hobby.

 I have enjoyed photography since I was young. In fact, I vividly remember wasting rolls and rolls of film during a family trip just for the joy that the little click of the button brought me. I also have a particularly special passion for Polaroid cameras. My not-so-slight obsession with these began during my teenage years, and I have several antique models in my home. 

I don’t know about you, but there has just always been something so fascinating about watching a photo develop right in front of your eyes. (I guess the scientist in me still sneaks out now and then.) But even with this love, I never imagined photography could be a career.

‘Now, I spend my days capturing beautiful moments for newborns, families, and rockstar mompreneurs. I value this opportunity to help families document their important, special moments and help small businesses grow.’

what I believe in


Motherhood is the hardest yet most rewarding job you’ll ever have


Your time (and the time spent with your family) is your most valuable asset


Meaningful images can take you back in time and propel your business forward

These are a few of my favorite things

Dogs, the beach, hot coffee and nice hotel rooms


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