Mentoring Sessions and Workshops

– Passing on the Art

Embark on a learning journey with Renata as your guide. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer looking to specialize in newborn photography or an experienced photographer seeking to improve your skills, Renata offers mentoring sessions and workshops that cater to all levels.

Renata is more than just a photographer – she’s a teacher at heart. Her mentoring sessions extend beyond technicalities, delving into the art of storytelling through images, and the ins and outs of running a portrait studio. Learn how to capture the unique personality of each newborn, creating timeless portraits that speak volumes.

Benefit from Renata’s certification as a trainer and her experience as a member of Ana Brandt‘s baby team. You’re not just learning photography; you’re gaining insights from someone deeply ingrained in the art, offering a perspective into the art and business of newborn photography.

Renata’s mentoring isn’t confined to the walls of her beautiful La Jolla studio. With a commitment to sharing knowledge far and wide, she is available for mentoring sessions both nationally and internationally. Wherever you are on the map, let Renata guide you through the intricacies of newborn photography.

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Meet The Portrait Mama

Meet Renata, a seasoned newborn photographer with 10 years of experience. Renata is not only an expert in her field but also a wonderful mentor to aspiring photographers. She is the owner and photographer at The Portrait Studio La Jolla and has a passion for travel and different cultures.

Renata’s journey into the world of newborn photography is a unique blend of scientific precision and artistic flair. Having transitioned from a career in science, she blends a meticulous eye and a passion for storytelling. Trained extensively by the renowned celebrity photographer Ana Brandt, Renata not only holds the title of a certified trainer but is also an integral part of Ana’s Baby Team.

Renata is always excited about sharing her passion and knowledge of newborn photography with others.

Newborn Photography Education

Renata’s mentoring sessions and workshops are designed with your needs in mind. From understanding camera settings to perfecting posing and lighting techniques, each mentoring is a hands-on experience tailored to enhance your specific strengths and address areas of growth. Her mentoring sessions and workshops emphasize a personalized approach, ensuring that you develop a style in newborn photography that’s distinctly yours.

Upcoming Workshops and Events

Summer Online Summit

July 20-21

New Online Summit will stream pre-recorded content for two days. In addition we will stream keynotes from our live summit.

In Person Summer Summit

July 20-21

Final in person live Summit held it the Ana Brandt Studio – Tustin, CA

Winter Online Summit

November 30 – December 1

Two jam-packed days of live streaming with pre recorded content from our certified trainers along with Ana Brandt.